Hydraulic transmission jack double piston 1000kg capacity (BH5DP1000QA)

Hydraulic transmission jack double piston 1000kg capacity (BH5DP1000QA) Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
105.239 Ft
Cikkszám: BH5DP1000QA
Várható szállítás: 2018. november 01.
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt

Leírás és Paraméterek

Used in pits and underneath elevated vehicles for removing, installing or transporting transmissions safely|Quick approach feature with only 36 strockes to reach full height thanks to the 2 speed pump|Large and comfortable pedal easing lifting from right or left sides|Saddle can be positioned upside down and thanks to the addition of our standard rubber and steel saddles BH11500-04 & BH11500-05 (options) the transmission jack can be used also for lifting car components such exhaust pipes, fuel tanks, suspension springs or hubs when removing studs|Sturdy swivel steel wheels (75mm) covered by PU (2 with brake) for more durability, optimum and manoeuvrability|Wide base for high stability during lifting and manoeuvring|Lowering mechanism thanks to a foot pedal allowing the user to keep his hands free for other operations|Hard chrome rod and pump pistons|Certified according to 2006/42/EC + BS EN1494|Option: Gyroscopic adjustable universal saddle 1000kg capacity with chains ref. BH5US1000


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